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2 NEW Eloqua Channels + Updates to 8 Existing Channels

Push Notifications with Eloqua

Send Push Messages from your Eloqua campaigns!

Push is so effective that it's an essential part of a modern campaign.

Instant.Marketing Push Notifications
Instant.Marketing Subscription
Simple Subscriptions (no app-install needed)

With web-push, users can subscribe with a simple click from your website. With app-push, your users subscribe by installing your mobile app. In both cases, we help you with the integration and setup.

Instant.Marketing Analytics
Powerful Analytics

See what works with powerful reporting. See which specific contacts have responded, and use that to personalize & target your campaigns (just like you already do with emails).

Instant.Marketing Field Merge
Contact and Custom Object Merge-Fields

You simply place the Push Messaging connector onto an Eloqua campaign and click ‘configure’ to edit your message. This includes a tool to insert field-merges into your message which will be replaced with the contact’s information. A live preview is shown below of the full, merged result.

Instant.Marketing Push Notifications
Push Works 8x Better

Push works up to 8 times better than email, based upon published statistics.

Instant.Marketing AB Test
“One Click” A:B Testing

Run split-tests with a click. Compare click-through rate on different versions of your message.

Instant.Marketing Integrated
Integrated For You

Our team will work directly with you (or your agency) to integrate push into your website or app.

Personalize at Scale

Send personalized notifications, and see exactly which contacts have responded with unique short-URLs
  • Instant.Marketing Field Merge
    Merge-in any contact or custom object field

    Insert any field-merge with a click; whether it's a contact field or a custom object.

  • Instant.Marketing Short URL
    Magical short-URLs

    Every contact gets their own unique short-URL. These links are tracked, so you can see exactly who has responded.

  • Instant.Marketing Personalized
    Personal Landing Pages

    Our special short-URLs let you personalize your Eloqua landing-pages too, including:

    - Field merges
    - Dynamic content
    - Pre-populated (or invisible) forms

    No cookie? No problem!
    This works even when the contact doesn't have any Eloqua cookie.

Instant.Marketing Personalized Push Notifications gif
Instant.Marketing Push Notifications in Eloqua gif

    Easy to Use

    • Instant.Marketing Easy to Use
      You already know how to use it

      You can send highly personalized Push Notifications directly from your Eloqua Campaigns. To start, simply place our Push Notification action to your campaign

      "One Click" A:B Testing

      • Instant.Marketing AB Test
        We've made split testing simple

        Fill in the sections and instantly see how your Push Notification will look as you build.
        There is also a tool to insert field-merges into your message which will be replaced with the contact’s information and you can add an image.

      Instant.Marketing Push Notifications AB Test gif
      Instant.Marketing Push Notifications Clickable gif

        Clickable and Buttons

        • Instant.Marketing Click
          Make your push clickable and add action buttons

          If you choose to make your Push Notification clickable, you can take them to a website or Eloqua form.You can add up to two buttons, with quick add an icon option. View you preview instantly.

          Quick Test

          • Instant.Marketing AB Test
            Instant test by sending to any email

            Quickly test your Push Notification when you save, directly to your PC or phone.

          Instant.Marketing Push Notifications Quick Test
          Instant.Marketing SMS Analytics gif


          • Instant.Marketing Analytics
            Powerful reporting, built in
            See what works.
            The built-in dashboard includes:

            Summary view
             Clickthrough-rate, responses, delivery, and more.

            Split-test view: See all this data for each split-test version.

            Timeline-view: And this is all summarized over-time in the timeline view.

            Contact-activities: See which exact contacts responded, and use this data to directly personalize your campaigns.

          Important: We have two separate push notification
          products, which are sold separately.

          Instant.Marketing Subscription
          Web Push (subscriptions from your website)
          Subscribe with a click. No app-install needed

          Web-push allows contacts to subscribe by simply clicking “OK” to a notification on your website. This provides a powerful, simple method of communicating with your users and does NOT require any mobile-app.

          Instant.Marketing Integrated
          App Push (subscriptions via. Mobile app)
          Integrate your mobile-app push messaging with Eloqua.

          App-push is perfect if you have users who have subscribed via mobile app install. This allows you to integrate your mobile-app with Eloqua so you can target app-users with push notifications right from the Eloqua campaign canvas.

          Add this pre-built channel to your Eloqua campaign(s)

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