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2 NEW Eloqua Channels + Updates to 8 Existing Channels

Google Ads and YouTube Targeting

Target your contacts on Google & YouTube, direct from your Eloqua campaigns.

Add campaign-steps that automatically synchronize your audience across.

Instant.Marketing Google Ads
Instant.Marketing Add or  Remove Audiences
Add or Remove Contacts

You can choose to remove contacts from specific Custom Audiences, as well as add. This gives you greater flexibility – e.g. the ability to automatically remove buyers from advertising audiences as they purchase.

Instant.Marketing Custom Audiences
Manage Custom Audiences

You can view, create, and manage your Custom Audiences directly from Eloqua via the connector – providing a very convenient workflow.

Instant.Marketing Match Rates
Highest Match Rates

Contacts are matched using both their email address and phone number, considerably increasing match rates

Instant.Marketing YouTube
YouTube Included

YouTube uses the same targeting lists as Google Adwords, so you can also target YouTube ads using this connector.

Instant.Marketing Google Ads in Eloqua gif

    Easy to use

    • Instant.Marketing AB Test
      You already know how to use it

      To start, you place your Google Ad-Targeting action onto your Campaign Canvas.

      Manage Custom Audiences

      • Instant.Marketing Custom Audiences
        Custom audiences, made really simple

        Manage Google Ads custom audiences direct from your Eloqua Canvas

      Instant.Marketing Google Ads Audiences gif
      Instant.Marketing Google Ads Configuration

        Simple Configuration

        • Instant.Marketing AB Test
          Google & YouTube ads configuration with Eloqua

          Start by choosing which account to use and then simply choose/create your custom audience.

        • Highest Match Rates

          • Instant.Marketing Match Rates
            Incredible contact matching with Eloqua

            Matching is based upon hashed email address and phone number, using a one-way-only hashing algorithm for enhanced privacy and data-safety. The match-rates will vary. Typically a majority of contacts can be matched, but this will never be 100%.

            The Google Adwords connector has already been fully developed. The DoubleClick connector has not been completed yet, but should be available before the project’s completion.

        Instant.Marketing Match Rates

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