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2 NEW Eloqua Channels + Updates to 8 Existing Channels

Direct Mail with Eloqua

Send hyper-personalized mail from your Eloqua campaigns

Send highly-personalised direct mail, straight from Eloqua campaigns to your contact’s door.

Instant.Marketing Direct Mail
Instant.Marketing Mail
Personalised, Printed & Posted - Worldwide

You place the Direct Mail step onto your campaign.
We send a personalized PDF directly to a printer, who posts it for you.

Instant.Marketing Short URL
URL Shortening, Tracking, and Personalisation

Every contact gets their own "magic short-URL".
These links are tracked, so you can see exactly who responds.

This also lets you personalize landing pages - even without an Eloqua cookie.

Instant.Marketing Letter or Postcard
Letter or Postcard

You can choose to send traditional letters in envelopes, or postcards.

Instant.Marketing Field Merge
Field Merges and Message Templates

Personalize your messages with contact & custom object fields.

Instant.Marketing AB Test
“One Click” A:B Testing

Run split-tests with a single click.
Compare click-through rate to see what works.

Instant.Marketing Analytics
Powerful Analytics

See what works with powerful reporting. See which specific contacts have responded, and use that to personalize & target your campaigns (just like you already do with emails).

Personalize at Scale

Send personalized letters or postcards, and see exactly which contacts have responded with unique short-URLs
  • Instant.Marketing Field Merge
    Merge-in any contact or custom object field

    Insert any field-merge with a click; whether it's a contact field or a custom object.

  • Instant.Marketing Short URL
    Magical short-URLs

    Every contact gets their own unique short-URL. These links are tracked, so you can see exactly who has responded.

  • Instant.Marketing Personalized
    Personal Landing Pages

    Our special short-URLs let you personalize your Eloqua landing-pages too, including:

    - Field merges
    - Dynamic content
    - Pre-populated (or invisible) forms

    No cookie? No problem!
    This works even when the contact doesn't have any Eloqua cookie.

Instant.Marketing Personalized Direct Mail gif
Instant.Marketing Letter or Postcard gif

Worth 1,000 words?

  • Instant.Marketing Postcard
    Send a postcard or letter

    Simply click between the formats. A postcard has an image, but you can send more content with a letter.

Easy to use

  • Instant.Marketing Easy to Use
    You already know how to use it

    To use Direct Mail for Eloqua, simply place the Direct Mail action onto your Eloqua Campaign Canvas

Instant.Marketing Direct Mail in Eloqua
Instant.Marketing Direct Mail AB Test gif
  • "One Click" A:B Testing

    • Instant.Marketing AB Test
      We've made split testing simple

      Add an A:B test with a single-click

      Create as many different split-test versions as you want, then compare click-through rate to see exactly what works.


  • Instant.Marketing Analytics
    Powerful reporting, built in

    See what works.
    The built-in dashboard includes:

    Summary view
     Clickthrough-rate, responses, delivery, and more.

    Split-test view: See all this data for each split-test version.

    Timeline-view: And this is all summarized over-time in the timeline view.

    Contact-activities: See which exact contacts responded, and use this data to directly personalize your campaigns.

Instant.Marketing Direct Mail Analytics gif

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