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Just Add Features is now officially Instant ⚡ Marketing!

We are now Instant ⚡Marketing!  

Since we launched our company, we have helped some of the world's largest companies extend Eloqua. The speed of adoption has been amazing!

But as we started to do more, the name "Just Add Features" stopped making sense.

"Just Add Features" was meant to describe how our Instant Extensions product lets people "Just Add" new features to Eloqua.

The problem is - we do so much more now:

  • We have added +8 new channels to Eloqua, and helped a lot of companies with their multi-channel journey
  • On the services side - we develop custom tools, help some major enterprises run marketing automation, offer consultancy, and take on all kinds of technical marketing challenges
  • We have tools which automate most of the daily work of marketing automation

I think in-particular the old name didn't represent our services. We have so many successful marketing technology projects - but our name made us seem like a software-only company.

Another problem with "Just Add Features" was many people forgot the last word & referred to it as "Just Add".

Why Instant ⚡?

The one thing all of our solutions have in common (besides innovation) is that something previously difficult becomes 10x or even 100x faster.

The word "Instant" had already started to show up in our product names.

  • Our Instant Extensions still helps companies extend Eloqua in literally minutes instead of months
  • With Instant Email we help companies "automate marketing automation" - by letting them build emails far faster & more brand-compliant. The trials of this have been very successful - so it's likely this will be a very important product for us when it launches outside of closed-beta

What about services?

Instant.marketing works very well for the software-side of the business. But what about services?

For the services side of our business (consultancy/development/support etc.) this reflects our philosophy. We want to find a way to do things fast and well. The reality is - we often do marketing technology projects way faster than expected, because we already have an unfair advantage with the tools (and skills) that our team has.

Also - Instant.marketing is shorter and a lot more memorable than JustAddFeatures.com

"Let's Solve Marketing Technology"

Along with the name, comes a new strapline: "Let's Solve Marketing Technology".

"Solve marketing technology" is exactly what we do. On both the software & services side.

I also like how it starts with "let's" : it's unusual which stands-out, and it implies us and the customer working together in partnership.

This was weirdly important to me. We have some amazing clients who literally have our staff embedded with their teams part-time. So I was very happy when we found a way to incorporate this cooperation into the strapline.

For the logo, we again wanted to look to our key strengths: technology, innovation, and speed. (Represented by the cog, lightbulb, and lighting bolt):

Getting all three elements into one symbol was a really big ask, but out designer did an incredible job (in my opinion).

Instant Marketing ultimately represents the brand and what we do particularly well. 

  • The lightbulb represents innovation. This is our DNA
  • The lighting bolt represents the actual benefit that our clients get: Eloqua done 10x to 100x+ faster (depending upon the product)
  • The cog is automation & process

Office Move

We have also just finished upgrading our office. We now finally have our own dedicated large conference/training room.

This makes it easier for us to train & onboard more staff. (The training room can easily seat 10 people). This should mean we can scale-up the services/consultancy side of our business while keeping quality high - because we can continuously train our consultants.

The desk-space in the new office also can accomodate our growing team.


Alongside the new brand, we are also launching our new website.

This is always subjective - but I personally like it.

In particular, we now have real product-pages for our channels. This work isn't 100% complete - there's still the long-tail of updating videos, documentation, etc. but this should give us a more solid foundation.

Quote Builder

I really wanted the new brand to have an improved Customer Experience.

This is particularly true for quotes & pricing information.

Before: you had to contact our sales-team (or Oracle reps who kindly recommend us) to get quotes.

Now: there's a self-serve tool so you can quickly prepare & modify your own quotes.

Taking a demo is still very, very strongly recommended. This is also self-service - simply select your preferred time on this page.

What do you think?

So, what do you think?

Please let us know. Talk to your account rep, or contact me using our new fancy contact-us page.

Thank you for all your support!


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